Tuesday 2nd March F2 Remote Learning


 Good Morning F2, it was lovely to see so many of you on zoom yesterday!

Here are your activities for today. You can put your learning in the book you collected from school and bring it with you on Monday 8th March or you can email photos of your learning to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In Maths we will be comparing numbers within 10 by using the key words, more, fewer, and the same

Join in with session 2 by clicking on the Whiterose link below. 

Then complete Tuesday's activities in your Maths learning pack to compare numbers within 10. 

You can use the video below to listen to the story 'Cockatoos ' by Quentin Blake. As you listen to the story, compare the quantities in different parts of the story. E.g. are more birds hiding in the bathroom or in the attic? 


In literacy we are going to be inventors today to help design a rocket for baby bear!  First join in with Mrs Khatoon's Literacy lesson. Use the video below to watch a real rocket prepare for lift off!

Then use Tuesday's Literacy pack to use your imagination to design and create your own rocket! You could use: Tubes, Bottles, tissue paper, Feathers, Lollypop sticks, lids, etc.

As a challenge: Can you write some sentences to describe your rocket?  Use the sentence starters: it has____________ it can_____________


We will be looking at the new diagraph sound or today.

Click on the link to join in with Mrs Khatoon's phonics lesson.

Then read and write the or words from the sheet below to play hide and seek!

Cut out your or words and ask an adult to hide them. Can you go on a hunt to find your or words?


Choose one of the play based activities from this week's play ideas sheet to support your child's learning through play

Tuesday 2nd March Year 5 Home Learning
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