Tuesday 2nd March Year 5 Home Learning

Good morning year 5! Hope you're all up and ready to learn! Let us know if you need any help at all today and please get in touch and let us know! I've attached your timetable to help guide you as usual! 

  Use this video to help you subtract two mixed numbers. It links to the work you have in your remote learning pack. Remember to work alongside the video as you would in class, then you can pause or re-watch parts as you need to. Record your work neatly, as shown, in your maths book, following the work from White Rose Maths. Some of you have additional higher level challenges in your packs that you must complete. If any of the rest of you wish to challenge yourself to them at the end, they do feature at the end of the video for you to copy and attempt in your own book. Go for it!

 Here's your literacy for today! Make sure you watch the whole video to get the whole picture!

Here's your reading for today, make sure to read and listen carefully!

Tuesday 2nd March Year 5 Green Group Home Learning
Tuesday 2nd March F2 Remote Learning

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